Monday, November 7, 2011

In regard of My Last Post

I got many comments on my Zafarian review (most likely came from housing101) and a lot of them were negative. For one it is my view of the world and doesn't have to be yours. I am going to sort of give my backfire on some of these comments so here is one.

I hadn't thought about several of these things, good post!

You know, you talk about "Kill the Wizard" as if it's horrible in a kid's game, yet you've got "Jester: Mass Murderer" plastered all over your blog. You know, I once wanted to show one of your posts on Central for questions, which would have been great advertising for you, but the link was rejected because of this. I'd change it if it were me, but just a thought.

I love that you thought it was good and I thank you for giving input but I never said my blog was family friendly. But because I haven't made a dark arts chronicles in a long time I will take them down for now. Oh, and I don't care much for advertising my fame means nothing to me.

Wait, you said myth still hasn't recieved a hit all spell. What about frog and earthquake?
I meant as a new spell starting from the era of updates (as I will call it). This era began when storm lord, dragon, and all those others began but thanks for the input.
Anyone that would like to try the maze is welcome to try! Just give me an email at
Another post coming today because I am 57% done with Celestian Temple!

Happy Wizarding (This sounds werid) 

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Wiz Wizards Game Show Coming Soon

Wiz Wizards Game Show Coming Soon